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Thirty years of experience for high-quality building solutions

Globo srl was founded in 1997 by a long and pre-existing experience (now thirty years) of the founding members Barel Ido and Padoin Guido. Currently working successfully in the field of metal structures, walls panels and facade cladding, metal doors and windows and curtain walls, thanks to a qualified internal staff that supports designers in order to find solutions at the highest levels in terms not only functional but also aesthetic / architectural. The Globo srl achievements, always maintain a craftsmanship quality also in large projects, which stands out in every detail, to guarantee a maximum optimization of the investment. Great attention is paid to the selection of materials and technologies to be used in individual projects as well as on the overall service that involves all workers, a prerequisite for an overall result for relief.
Globo srl - da trent'anni architetture metalliche innovative

Valuable green energy from the roof

The Globo srl production of metal structures, Curtain walls, façade cladding and metal doors and windows are accomplished entirely through the use of alternative energy produced by our own photovoltaic plant located on the roof of the company. The focus on new technologies and environmental protection are features that further distinguish interventions carried out.

energia alternativa prodotta con impianto fotovoltaico

Quality certification

Globo srl, besides being the center of transformation for carpentry, designs, manufactures and installs doors and windows, facades and front doors with CE mark and has the approval of Posa Clima doors and windows. The certification of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 3838-2 for welding, guarantees the highest quality of work delivered, from top to bottom, including the panels, rear-end collisions and window and door frames.

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