Serramenti metallici portoni serramenti in metallo

Serramenti metallici portoni serramenti in metallo

Posaclima system

The most innovative and complete method of window and door laying

Globo srl uses the products of Metra spa, exclusive distributor of the PosaClima System in the aluminum window and door industry. The fifty year experience of Metra in the extrusion of aluminum profiles constitutes a guarantee of impeccable and highly technological systems for construction: from large structural extrusions to continuous façades, windows, doors and shutters of any shape, color and size.
In order to be consistent with the performance of a window with good energy efficiency, a modern counterframe must have the following minimum characteristics:

  • be continuous on 4 sides, so that the lower strut can act as a thermal barrier vis-a-vis the windowsill or the sill of the windowframe, in addition to maintaining a certain amount of rigidity of the structure before it is instale, and indicates precisely the level at which these elements are to be placed
  • must not have continous sides made of metal which put the exterior in direct contact with the interior in order to avoid creating a thermal bridge
  • must have sufficient mechanical resistance to avoid the rupture of the shoulders following a force exerted by the window or door resulting from wind pressure on the closed window or the weight of the open panels
  • must be built with low thermal conductivity materials to avoid a deterioration of the insulation performance of the walls and the new door or window

The Klima counterframe represents a much more technically evolved solution: it is made with a material of high technological content, named Themoviline, which has very high insulating performance, will not deform with humidity and has good mechanical resistance.

The Klima counterframe represents a great improvement versus traditional wooden or sheet metal counterframes, and offers the following advantages:

  • extremely low thermal conduction
  • high mechanical resistance which permits the Klima counterframe to be considered a structural element
  • will not deform, rot or rust if it comes into contact with rain or if it is exposed to high humidity situations (e.g. new walls)
  • is not sensitive to temperature excursions, acidic or alkaline substances, salty air and direct sunlight
  • the smooth surface allows a perfect adhesion of the plaster carrying profiles or the air and vapor barrier
  • easy handling thanks to reduced weight
  • Thermovinyl is a completely recyclable material since it does not include lead or other heavy metals

The PosaClima system is based on 6 new families of materials which have revolutionized the performance of sealing joints and which are the only ones which can guarantee an impermeability equal to that which one can achieve today between the movable window panels and the windowframe.
sistema posaclima

Exceptional airtight, watertight, and thermoacoustic performance

The PosaClima system envisions the use of:

  • special gaskets in extruded PVC (plaster-bearing profiles) to be applied to the counterframe to prevent cracks in the wall connection
  • advanced films to be attached to the counterframe and the wall to avoid the passage of air and water vapor
  • very innovative fluid sealants (MS polymers) which adhere perfectly to all construction materials even if damp, surface paintable, for a very high resistance to weather and UV rays
  • highly adhesive and elastic foams which are capable of following the movements of the joint and of lasting a long time for excellent thermoacoustic performance
  • self-expanding impregnated ribbons which seal cracks and are easy to install, guaranteed for 15 years of exposure, patented by the company, which have exceptional air-, watertight and thermoacoustic performance.
  • Klima and Teknica high performance counterframes, which are simple and practical to use and capable of addressing the defects typical of wood and sheet metal.
All the PosaClima System elements constitute the best solution for high energy performance windows.
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