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strutture metalliche costruzioni carpenteria metallica strutture in acciaio

Metal structures

Always state-of-the-art design and implementation of residential and industrial structures according to D.M January 2008

Globo srl, thanks to fifteen years of experience in the industry is able to provide reliable metal structures in time and of cutting-edge quality and manage with great attention to the design, choice of materials, assembly and installation. The design requires detailed studies that address the various construction needs in the civil, industrial and commercial sectors, including safety ladders, seaside and platform roof.
esempio di costruzione di una struttura metallica
Globo srl makes use of the certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2 (Production and Assembly of components of Carpenteria Metallica Saldata), in addition being attested by Centro Transformazioni Carpenteria No. 566/10.
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particolare di struttura metallica

Globo srl offers an innovative technical advice throughout the production cycle, from the study of the project, to the calculation and to the technical reports necessary to report in the relevant departments, to the production in the workshop, to the assembly at site. The development of the project takes into account the needs of the customer and allows it to reach the final results of high functional and aesthetic value. Professionals with great experience and established structural engineers guarantees such modular products characterized by reliability and elegance, with the most advanced construction techniques.

Solutions in steel suitable for every architectural requirement

Globo srl applies the proven know-how to different realizations, from the civil to the commercial or industrial sectors. The internal technical department designs metal constructions, whose supporting structure is entirely made of steel, material for which has the resistance of high quality, is suitable for the most diverse constructive applications.
esempio di strutture metalliche

Specialized teams of structural engineers to guarantee the construction

Globo srl structural experts of the steel in the workshops and highly professional teams of fitters at site, manage the most diverse types of projects: industrial buildings, commercial buildings, fire escapes, canopies or awnings, according to the project specifications and in full compliance with the regulations in force. The installation is in fact carried out with the assistance of means and equipment to ensure the best mounting solutions.
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Solidity, resistance, modularity and style.

Globo Srl metal structures besides being characterized for solidity and resistance are esteemed to be reliable, elegant, modular and flexible. They respond to the most advanced architectural variations according to innovative functional criteria and design.
esempio di struttura metallica
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