Rivestimento facciate costruzioni metalliche serramenti metallici rivestimenti pareti

costruzioni metalliche facciate rivestimenti pareti serramenti metallici

Special works

High-tech technology for the most innovative architectural applications

Interior stairs furnished with glass railings or with stainless steel ropes, designer external canopies, grilles and security doors, blinds with aluminum blades, motorized or fixed, interior glass walls, filter roller blinds, automatic doors, are some of the special works that Globo srl designs, manufactures and installs with the cutting-edge technological criteria, capable to guarantee safety, reliability and respect of functionality and aesthetics.
Esempio di lavorazioni speciali
The solutions offered by Globo srl meet the most varied demands of the client and offers high quality design applications, both in civil and in that of commercial or industrial.
Dettagli di lavorazioni speciali
Particolare di una lavorazione speciale

All components used in the special work and the accurate installation, make the Globo srl products a versatile solution and adaptable to different contexts of use. The ability to establish an active dialogue with client and designer allows Globo srl to lead the implementation of special work, from the study phase to the installation, with high aesthetic and functional results. The team consists of internal and external individuals, and is expertly coordinated for the success of the operations.

Global responses to strong visual impact

The service offered by Globo srl includes, all stages of the production cycle with all advantage of the quality. An expert staff, in fact, is responsible for carrying out at site inspections in order to research and propose customized solutions and meet the real needs of the customer, modern and of quality in all respects.
Lavorazioni speciali

Craftsmanship along with creativity

For over fifteen years, in the classic production of carpentry and fixtures, Globo srl also produces a wide range of stairs, canopies and shade, ranging from the use of different materials and craft applications, which are characterized by creativity and attention to design.
Esempi di lavorazioni speciali

Safety and durability of each installation

All Globo srl products meet the security-conscious designs and are certified for the quality of materials, of the production cycle and installation. The craftsmanship of the work and commitment by the staff guarantee the durability of the installations, the quality of the solutions offered and the satisfaction in the investment.
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